Spending Down Ideals

Education as universal solvent:
philosopher’s stone of beneficent thought.
(A perennial excuse for state involvement
and dangerous myth: that goodwill can be taught.)

Well-meaning intentions… more theory to burn.
A faulty assumption; debt for the debtor:
humanity’s limitless hunger to learn
while taxpayer dollars pass through the shredder.

Let’s smoke up a page from the liberal libretto
while strolling the grounds in our brief intermission;
Philanthropy’s dead in the streets of the ghetto
(another unfortunate juxtaposition).

When such benign fables are dropped in the ‘hood,
applied to armed thugs with their trousers sagging
little progress is made toward collective good –
amidst feral aggression and narco-bragging.

Thus raised without love, no family, no father
devoid of compassion, unformed and unmanned,
they’re numb to your efforts, which barely bother
such thugs with a rock or a gun in their hand.

IMAGE: ambrosekane.com

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