Hoofbeats, Hoofbeats, Hoofbeats !

I wonder, at times, how I got caught up in this useless obsession called Poetry.
Along with nursery rhymes, ad jingles, and pop music, it must have been immortal lines such as the Rex Trailer’s Boomtown show theme which cursed me with this love of rhythmic language and imagery. Listening to it today I am struck by the primal force of this TV cowboy poetry:

♪♫♪ Covered wagons were a-rollin’ out along the trail
on the way to the golden West…  ♫♪♫♪

3 comments on “Hoofbeats, Hoofbeats, Hoofbeats !

  1. wiseblooding says:

    One of the first cassettes I bought years and years ago was an album called Western Film Themes. I still have it and the production date looks to be 1983! I’ve always loved the purity of westerns and most of the men who sang westerns.


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