Hush yo’ Puppies, Grit yo’ Greens

Mush Mouth 3

Jesse Jackson, mug full of mush
hustling, shuffling race cards –

your mouth mutters on,
with vague perversity
staking claims upon diversity;

Stirring pots and agitating
mumbling, blaming, cracker-baiting.

We know this is your bread and butter –
but must you thusly slur and mutter?

Rather than home-cooking sessions,
take some elocution lessons.

Spit those crackers out yo’ mouth –
the gravy train is headed South…

Get a REAL job. Join the People.
Stop carding wool and fleecing  sheeple.

You’re hard for the herd to understand
if I were you I’d change my brand.

J.J. pic adapted from

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