Switch the Flip


Too little and of course, too late
they spend what’s left imprudently
attempting to alleviate
the love of God’s own liberty:
The world transexual one-party state.

They think it’s normal — right for all
lost in a prideful dying fall
their lions heed the sea-horse call
attempting to transgender fate;
the devil searches for a mate
his nightly Babylonian date:
the world transexual one-party state.

They’ll legislate the Lord away
(his fundie followers as well)
their hateful heaven, holy hell
shall wither up and disappear
before redemption can draw near.
Their myths no more shall obfuscate
nor dangle such celestial bait
that underwriters overrate:
the world transexual one-party state.

Their antichrist is overpriced,
the nations, globally enticed,
now glorify the deviance
in herd-like mass obedience
surrendering to expedience:
where good is bad, and bad is great
and Christ the only one to hate,
allegiances exacerbate
the world transsexual one-party state.

Parties will form and parties end
but parties can no more defend
consolidation into one
than flip a switch and dark the sun;
the Caesars left this part undone
the Muslims are just having fun
with our transsexual one-party state.

Bring on the night until we see
that dark means dimming by degree
two parties? Overdone by one !
So let it bleed and let it be
till One is All and all agree
that we are doomed to hesitate
when God cannot resuscitate
the late One-World Transsexual State.



7 comments on “Switch the Flip

  1. Too true Andrew. A prophecy. I hope I’m not around for the world these twisted dreamers dream of. Eugenics is alive and well and with the added technology, they make Hitler look like a boy scout. You are also, reminding me of my grandmother again who was livid when the word ‘gay’ was perverted because she liked to use it in her poetry. Who knew back then where all of that would lead us now.

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    • Andrew says:

      This world can’t get queer enough fast enough for some people…
      Welcome to the Days of Noah. Thanks for reading, Joy.

      Liked by 1 person

      • A very brave poem. The world is more reprobate everyday.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Andrew says:

        I was going to go into hillbilly mode with you but I decided to be prudent ☺

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      • It’s late…them thare girly men is takin over the whole dad bern nation! Even the world. It alls started back there in urope, them fereners with them ef-fimonite accents and hoity toity ways!


      • Andrew says:

        Whut in tarnations WRONG with these ef-fimonite one-werlders, Clem?
        Aint they never read the Good Book?
        Never did trust a ferener. Much less a city-slicker.

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      • They’ve been edumacated out thar common sense. Too much book larnin’ can cripple a man’s abilities to thank for thar selves. I blame it all on Harvard…
        All hill billy slang aside, I think they need to learn where food comes from. I’d like to dump them off in the wildnerness and see if they could learn the basics of life. Every day, something dies so they can live. I think being acutely aware of the reality would change such foolish mindsets. We are part of nature and we get messed up when we forget that. We make terrible gods.

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