Grief Counselors & Prison Cells Available for Leftist Losers

Hey all you Leftist crybabies

wake up and smell the TRUMP. You were resoundingly defeated, in a completely legitimate election, sorry to say. Bigger voter turnout than ever. Brexit, anyone? No reported incidence of voter fraud so far. Cry all you want. Go out and march. Chant your lobotomized chants. Throw things, riot and use LOTS of profanity in your pathetic social media posts. If you want to agitate for civil war I say bring it ON. GOD is against the Satanic Left forevermore. Even if you try to eliminate all who oppose you (like your commie associates did in China, USSR, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, Peru, Google some history, idiot), God Almighty will STILL be against you forevermore. Deal with it. Become a peaceful atheist citizen or convert to Christ (or Buddha or whatever) while you still have time. Until then, I pray that people who have some minimal respect for our constitution and civil law will wipe the street with your sorry selves. Go to hell—or get SAVED.

Hey Hey, Ho HoCommie Scum have GOT to GO”

Until this is resolved, I will continue to write POETRY.

You can read LOTS of my poetry HERE at ConnectHook.
Be blessed. Read poetry.

2 comments on “Grief Counselors & Prison Cells Available for Leftist Losers

  1. colonialist says:

    Don’t know what they’re complaining about – racism obviously wins races.
    Isn’t this rather like emitting gas from the anus to counter thunder?

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