Dose of Your Own

My liberal friends, who love to preach
who deign to enlighten and to reach
the lower orders with their light
to guard what’s left and set things right
must deal with recent facts unkind
which threaten the Progressive mind.

Your narrative took a massive hit
so suck it in—acknowledge it.
Your media, misinformed and lame,
now limping, has to bear the blame
for polling as they hoped to hear
leading (and speaking) from the rear.

Indeed; you claim we won by Hate?
in this you tend to underrate
your sanctimonious fusillades.
Your nemesis, against great odds
was voted for by US, and won.
(So sorry that God’s will was done.)
Our diverse voters clinched the fight.
You thought we had none on the Right;
Hispanics? Thirty-odd percent.
And black votes came in (Heaven-sent),
more numerous than they were for Mitt
so shut your pie-hole. Deal with it.
Without them Trump could not have won;
we’d be deprived of all this fun!
The people did not buy the goods
you foisted on our neighborhoods.
And patriots now meet brand-new friends:
political correctness ends
as Truth joins hands with common sense.
The truth will ALWAYS bring offense
to smug elitist hypocrites
and democratic counterfeits
projecting their neurotic fears
upon the Right. Oh the things one hears:
We’re fascist and unfit to live
We eat our children; never give
a damn for the poor or a prayer for a soul.
The “War on Women” our evil goal.
We hear ourselves described as bigots.
Bilious brew—and we must swig its
bitterness in constant sips
as insult pours from your spiteful lips.

We’re rigid, White, misogynistic
(my, how you wax antagonistic.
Thought you were about tolerance
and doing that Multi-Kulti dance…)
We’re gender-biased (and repressed)
unkind, unwise, uncouth, unblessed.
What—since we don’t like Globalism,
technoid One-World Kommunism
we dwell in some hateful Nazi state?
(You blather on . . .  it’s getting late
to re-use all your leftist smears
which barely reach our deafened ears.)

As young folks like to say: tough titty.
You’re stranded outside the holy city.
Our vast right-wing epiphany
out-sang your PC tyranny.

5 comments on “Dose of Your Own

  1. shannon says:

    These poems are so cute!! I don’t really get them, I only went to community college for a couple years lolol!!! and you use big words and stuff, kinda like you went to went to some fancy expensive liberal arts college on your parents’ dime!! haha, jokes on them amirite??? Kinder Kuche Kirche!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Desdi says:

      I’m glad you noted the cuteness factor – I went to went to great lengths for that.
      But Shannon – what is the Latin saying at the end of your comment.
      Is it Tacitus or Suetonius?


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