House of Fire


This impulsive post was inspired by fellow poet Ju Clear over at Hello Poetry.
I am still thinking about Ghost Ship, the Oakland rave that burned down 2 weeks ago, killing 36 people. I have very conflicted feelings about this.  There may be possible arson motives behind it (?).  As I am finding out, nothing is ever as reported. The Oakland fire is very similar to the New Cross Fire of 1981, recounted in this dub poem by the great poet Linton Kwesi Johnson.

first di comin
an di goin
in an out af di pawty

di dubbin
an di rubbin
and di rackin to di riddim

di dancin
an di scankin
an di pawty really swingin

den di crash
an di bang
an di flames staat fi trang

di heat
an di smoke
an di people staat fi choke

di screamin
and di cryin
and di diein in di fyah…



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