Delirium of OZ

it starts in the heartland / Tornado = social change through manipulated crisis / Cloward-Piven prequel / Toto the only free agent / Dorothy struck on head by closing window of virtual possibility / she realizes that hope’n’change have reached the prairie / Alice in Wonderland Hollywood / Kansas as futurist narrative / Star Wars pre-dated / It’s a Wonderful Mythic Life / Miss Gulch as Henry Potter / witchery: Hillary 2016 / Scarecrow as Celtic bog-sacrifice victim / Tinman as sexual therapy client / did that hurt? No—it felt wonderful ! / Bible-belt Pentecostal subtexts: the anointing / obsolete leonine monarchies / Louis Quatorze the Sun King /  enlightenment through concussion / the tyrant must be resisted from the heartland / populist progressives plot stealthily to justify their rule through the wizardry of science / the tyrant utilizes tech to manipulate the credulous / green state fascism / journey out of ontic inevitability into the futurist nightmare / eco-mammon bailouts / infantile mental midgets ruled by witch-tyrants = One World Munchkinland / Dorothy as redeemer-Messiah / Dorothy as Mary Poppins / America exports populist prophecy to the greater world / Glinda the Matriarch-Goddess / Glinda as transcendent Wisdom / the Anti-witch antidote / Patriarchy creates “special effects” subterfuge / flying monkeys: shock-troops of the witch / simian social justice warriors / Obama as Witch of West AND Wizard simultaneously / flying monkeys: brown-shirts of new multi-culti order / George Bush: the witch the house (Hope & Change) fell on / Over the Rainbow: beyond sexual identity grievance-mongering / there’s no place like the restoration of All Things

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