Start Walkin’ !

Our nation, laces untied and dragging in the mud,
stands in need of a massive re-boot.

Fancy Nancy promises to pull us all up by her own bootstraps and bring heeling to our downtrodden soles. Her empowering peripatetic philosophy, while considered Neo-Aristotelian by some, is exactly what we need in order for our national malaise to come to a bumping, grinding halt.


4 comments on “Start Walkin’ !

  1. LOL! I like it.

    You have to admit, In only 24 hours President Trump got more chubby women out walking then Michelle Obama managed in 8 yrs. :)

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  2. hocuspocus13 says:

    The “smart women” marched on November 8 right into the voters booth and voted for Trump 󾓦

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