7 comments on “Heap Big Medicine

  1. She’s definitely and drama queen and the kind of person that caused the Dakotas to refer to themselves and ‘Oglala”….the white liberal elite doing the red man a favor. A dear Pueblo friend of mine told me she decided I was okay because I didn’t tell her I was part Cherokee. Some people really make fools of themselves. It did my heart good to see her get shut down today. Are they ever going to let this nasty election be over? Get this one…the white mayor of Albuquerque (a democrat) called our governor Suzanna Martinez (a republican) a racist yesterday because she is opposed to illegal immigrants getting driver’s licenses. So now I understand! A racist is anyone who doesn’t think the same as democrats!

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    • Desdi says:

      I’m with Suzanna M. and you regarding immigration… but on the indigenous theme:

      Seriously – why do whites, when they claim Indian heritage, always say they are part Cherokee?

      I have heard and even met people who specifically identify with that tribe.It is rarely believable to me. Am I too skeptical here?
      I associate this especially with New Age types who are enamored of “Native American spirituality” and romanticize tribal people they know nothing about. They tend to burn sage smudges and ramble on about “White Buffalo Lady” prophecies too. The Apache people I knew when I lived in AZ were much more down-to-earth, and often far more patriotic than that.

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      • Native Americans are people period…I think some whites do that to ingratiate themselves but remain aloof. It could be used as a way to exploit someone. I know my Pueblo friend got the Cherokee comment from people all the time and she didn’t trust a one of them who used it. She’s a smart woman. New Age religion often impresses me as being and intellectual, elitist religion. I don’t like to judge but most I’ve had contact with are privileged and kind of think they’re a bit above the rest of us…but again that might be my bigotry showing. I think we all have at least a little…some are absolutely obnoxious! lol


  2. My husband will laugh his head off when I show this to him!

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  3. Desdi says:

    Yes. Civility and some wit go a long way.
    I was musing today on why they call it “Civil” war when it is anything but…


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