Broadway’s Strait Gate


Shuffle along, show your ticket, be strong
while investing in spectacle
staid and respectable.
Nu Yawhk can never be wrong.

Shuffle along, bang a simian gong.
Life resembles a Broadway show;
plebes and patricians owe
apples to Empire’s King Kong.

Death joins the throng. In bananas your song
is re-peeled and re-stated
while apes are berated;
the zoo-keeper’s waving. So long.

How do I love thee?
Let me count the syllables
In my bad Haiku

3 comments on “Broadway’s Strait Gate

  1. Lawrence says:

    I hope the vandalism to HELLO POETRY is simply an accident or the result of hacking. I’m going to sit on this for a day or so, hoping not to send it:

    Good-bye, Poetry?

    Oh, Eliot, what has happened to your wonderful site
    Your gift of poetry to a suffering world?
    Did some Morlock in an unhappy hour
    Break into spring to make it winter again?

    Who has torn and scattered the pages
    And thus obscured the words so carefully shaped
    By the fugitive keepers of dreams
    Who seek for them again in the wilderness?

    There once was a workshop for poor scribblers –
    A studio of dreams – may it be restored!

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    • Desdi says:

      Amen. They HAVE to screw up a good thing. Every time. I always loved the simple user-friendly approach provided by the previous format.
      They are moving stupidly in Tumblr’s direction.


  2. Lawrence says:

    0957. HelloPoetry won’t allow me to respond even to your last message. Eliot – if he is real – spent seven years on a truly good work, and has thrown it all away in a moment of progress in an egg gone bad (Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader). Sometimes “this is the way we’ve always done it” IS logical.

    Liked by 1 person

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