Latin Roots


Oh what have you done to your lovely hair,
streaking with insult those glorious strands ?
Of God-given beauty so unaware
that you’ve put it to death by other’s hands.

Tinted with sorrow in a dying fall:
your sultry darks exchanged for tainted blonde—
a chemical crown, clueless overhaul;
false gold, a dull glory now gone beyond.

Liberate your lustrous locks, set them free
to gather grace and claim their natural right
as God ordained; thus you were meant to be.
But lightening streaks do terrify the night.


Now I’m gonna write
An American Haiku:
TRUMP 2020 !

6 comments on “Latin Roots

  1. The creativity in this poem. It is so original.


    • Desdi says:

      Hey Lonely Author, I am intrigued. Is there some secret as to your blog’s massive amounts of “likes” and comments? How did you cultivate your audience — or did they simply find your blog and that was it?

      Also – why were you worried you would be “shut down” a few posts ago?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Regarding shutdown, I am having problems with haters and now with a dead computer.

        The best way to grow a blog is too be a good blog follower. I am faithful to all who follow me. I try to leave as many comments as I can and read as many posts as I can.

        Should you always like or comment on my posts, I will prioritize yours as a blog I need to follow closely. IN this way I have built close relationships with other bloggers. After a while it begins to snowball.

        Thanks for the visit.


    • Desdi says:

      Thanks L.A.
      Your readership is welcomed.

      Liked by 1 person

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