Why the hell would you want to change
if God thus made you (like Genesis)?
A notion so bizarre, so strange,
it begs some armchair analysis.
Such madness, yours. To rearrange . . .
thus we all learn what hubris is.
But on you babble, obscuring gender
(quite the conversation-ender).


  means a man

and Mother  means a woman
(there’s no other plan)

2 comments on “Bend THIS

  1. colonialist says:

    From such analysis our fate
    Is simply that we procreate
    Such plan is really not that great
    When earth we overpopulate!

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  2. Desdi says:

    In this you tend to obfuscate
    The clear Divine directorate;
    Fidelity to one’s own mate
    Is what I mainly advocate.

    (But gender’s benders can’t see straight . . .)


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