Auspicious Hexagram 

    Upon receiving the propitious omen,
let the chamber be arrayed in crimson silk.
The ten thousand things rise and return to their essence.
The tapestries part to reveal Pearl-gate when Tiger Breath combines with fire in active contemplation. The Empress approaches Mountain Hermit and landscape flows with harmony. The ten thousand things transmute to pure chi when Jade Daughter receives rising force in harmonious arousal. Before moment of Clouds-on-Jade-Mountain-Peak, the Empress’ crucible overflows with yin. Her alabaster chamber will yield its treasure willingly if tiger of Cloud-Mountain Forest does not take it by force, when Moon-Gate is opened by stealth in the shadow of Cloud-Mountain Temple.


Burger King french fries
are not as good as Wendy’s—
but when you’re hungry . . .

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