April’s Blooms May Please


Thank you everyone who visited ConnectHook this past month.

Here are my poems posted for April,
National Poetry Writing Month 2018:

1.  Spring Salvo
2. Big League Hollyweird
S-Pop Bubble & Gonzopalooza
4. Counterculture Recounted
5. Litany of Limerick
6. What—Me Worry ?
7. Pyramid Schemes & Poetry Relief #2
8. Hair Poem: Latin Roots
9. Cutting Nutmeg
10. Name of a City
11. Combustability
12. Pastoral Lays and Arcadian Cantos
13. Intergalactic Hookup
14. Fading at the Jaded Gate
15. Inscrutable: Any Reef & Stall
16. Rate or Berate the Pastorate
17. Fearful Cling Rap
18. New Children’s Lit Goes Out
19. Hail the Multi-Culti Matriarch
20. Bend THIS
21. Boomtowns Gone Bust
22. Abomination of Revelation
23. Nanny Nanny Boo Boo
24. Rubble: Thou Fool
Sinner Cities
26. Skin in the Game & Synesthetics
27. Auspicious Hexagram
28. Postcard from Gulag #669A & Go Slogan
29. Made to Milk It
30. Sacrificial Limerick

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