Insufferable Condescension

Why have liberals and never-Trumpers failed? It’s our attitude, Brooks asserts, and specifically our “tendency to be insufferably condescending.” He cites surveys showing that Americans who revile Trump typically see themselves as open-minded and independent, while dismissing Trump supporters as “closed-minded, change-averse and desperate for security.” According to Brooks, such views constitute “an epic attempt to offend 40 percent of our fellow citizens by reducing them to psychological inferiors.” This is not merely tactically misguided, in his opinion, but—as matter of explanation for the Trump ascendancy—plain wrong.

Rand Cooper at Commonweal

4 comments on “Insufferable Condescension

  1. Yes indeed! Insufferable condescension sums it up well.

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  2. Lawrence says:

    But…but…my mind is closed, I am averse to change, I long for security / stability, and I do not like Mr. Trump at all.

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    • Desdi says:

      Open your mind Lawrence. OPEN. Wider. . . wider . . .
      expand your thoughts. Good. Good.
      Now let your brains fall out. That’s it . . . just let them fall out.
      Be centered. Be in the moment. BREATHE . . . that’s it.

      Now you can love Trump.


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