O Lucky Man: “Poor People”

Poor people are poor people, and they don’t understand
A man’s got to make whatever he wants, and take it with his own hands.

Poor people stay poor people, and they never get to see
Someone’s got to win in the human race, if it isn’t you, then it has to be me.

So smile while you’re makin’ it / Laugh while you’re takin’ it / Even though you’re fakin’ it
Nobody’s gonna know . . . nobody’s gonna know.

It’s no use mumbling, it’s no use grumbling; life just isn’t fair
There’s no easy days, there’s no easy ways. Just get out there and do it!

And sing and they’ll sing your song / Laugh while you’re getting on
Smile and they’ll string along, and nobody’s gonna know
Nobody’s gonna know / Nobody’s gonna know / And nobody’s gonna know . . .

watch it HERE

soundtrack by Alan Price of The Animals
1973, 183 min.

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