David: Jehudah’s Genuine Vein

Great—from the lustre of his crown,
From Samuel’s horn, and God’s renown,
Which is the people’s voice;
For all the host, from rear to van,
Applauded and embraced the man—
The man of God’s own choice.

Valiant—the word, and up he rose;
The fight—he triumphed o’er the foes
Whom God’s just laws abhor;
And, armed in gallant faith, he took
Against the boaster, from the brook,
The weapons of the war.

Pious—magnificent and grand,
’Twas he the famous temple plann’d,
(The seraph in his soul:)
Foremost to give the Lord his dues,
Foremost to bless the welcome news,
And foremost to condole.

Good—from Jehudah’s genuine vein,
From God’s best nature, good in grain,
His aspect and his heart:
To pity, to forgive, to save,
Witness En-gedi’s conscious cave,
And Shimei’s blunted dart.



by Christopher Smart (c. 1760)

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