Wisdom’s Multitudinous Abyss



He sang of God—the mighty source
Of all things—the stupendous force
On which all strength depends;
From Whose right arm, beneath Whose eyes,
All period, power, and enterprise
Commences, reigns, and ends.

Angels—their ministry and meed,
Which to and fro with blessings speed,
Or with their citterns wait;
Where Michael, with his millions, bows,
Where dwells the seraph and his spouse,
The cherub and her mate.

Of man—the semblance and effect
Of God and love—the saint elect
For infinite applause—
To rule the land, and briny broad,
To be laborious in his laud,
And heroes in his cause.

The world—the clustering spheres He made,
The glorious light, the soothing shade,
Dale, champaign, grove, and hill;
The multitudinous abyss,
Where Secrecy remains in bliss,
And Wisdom hides her skill.


(extract: A Song To David)

IMAGE: “Life” from the La Jolla Pentych by Cliff McReynolds

poster available HERE

by Christopher Smart (c. 1760)


One comment on “Wisdom’s Multitudinous Abyss

  1. David Redpath says:

    Most inspiring 🙏


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