Topaz: Blazing Like a Lamp


Of gems—their virtue and their price,
Which, hid in earth from man’s device,
Their darts of lustre sheath;
The jasper of the master’s stamp,
The topaz blazing like a lamp,
Among the mines beneath.

Blest was the tenderness he felt,
When to his graceful harp he knelt,
And did for audience call;
When Satan with his hand he quelled,
And in serene suspense he held
The frantic throes of Saul.

His furious foes no more maligned
As he such melody divined,
And sense and soul detained;
Now striking strong, now soothing soft,
He sent the godly sounds aloft,
Or in delight refrained.

When up to heaven his thoughts he piled,
From fervent lips fair Michal smiled,
As blush to blush she stood;
And chose herself the queen, and gave
Her utmost from her heart—‘so brave,
And plays his hymns so good.’

(extract: A Song To David)

ethiop crossHear EVERY PRECIOUS WORD
from Christopher Smart (c. 1760)


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