Scalèd Infants and Embowered Laughter

With vinous syrup cedars spout;
From rocks pure honey gushing out,
For Adoration springs:
All scenes of painting crowd the map
Of nature; to the mermaid’s pap
The scalèd infant clings.

The spotted ounce and playsome cubs
Run rustling ’mong the flowering shrubs.
And lizards feed the moss;
For Adoration beasts embark,
While waves upholding halcyon’s ark
No longer roar and toss.

While Israel sits beneath his fig,
With coral root and amber sprig
The weaned adventurer sports;
Where to the palm the jasmine cleaves,
For Adoration ’mong the leaves
The gale his peace reports.

Increasing days their reign exalt,
Nor in the pink and mottled vault
The opposing spirits tilt;
And by the coasting reader spied,
The silverlings and crusions glide
For Adoration gilt.

For Adoration ripening canes,
And cocoa’s purest milk detains
The western pilgrim’s staff;
Where rain in clasping boughs enclosed,
And vines with oranges disposed,
Embower the social laugh.

(extract: A Song To David)

by Christopher Smart (c. 1760)

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