A-Maying I Shall Go

This year’s National Poetry Writing Month was different from the last five in which I have participated. I followed the prompts for the first time. Some prompts forced me to produce good poetry but others were just headaches. For a few, I simply matched up a draft I had sitting around with the given prompt and it worked. The whole thing felt more futile than ever this year . . . but I am destined and doomed to write POETRY and shall continue to do so.

Thanks to everyone who took time to read my original work here during April.
Best lyrical wishes for 2019 !

1. Persona Non GrataCoy Illusions
2. Borderline
3. The Geologic Time of Your Life
4. The Death of Poverty
5. One More Art Form
6. Should You Cease to Signal Virtue
7. Seven Couplets for April
8. Data-Driven Poetry
9. Lyric Destinies & Listless
10. Black Poetry Live & Precipitating events
11. Bring It On Home
12. Well-whetted Couplets
13. Gothic Postcard
14. Fatal Head-Wound Healed
15. Empyrean Flights Delayed
16. Smoke Signals
17. The View from Hair
18. Deal With This
19. P-Orridge 9 Days Old
20. Plebeia O-J takes on America
21. That’s the Way God Likes It
22. Klarwein’s Annunciation
23. Feline Frenzy
24. Reaktionary Poem
25. Well-Seasoned/Unhallowed
26. Presbyterian Restraint
27. Prompt 27
28. Something Off-Beat
29. When White Men Mow Their Lawns
30. Conceptual Koan





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