Tong Si Nam Pei

Q: Is China congee have bathing soy frog delight ?

A: Yes. We are enjoy harmony of Happy Family hot-pot
in detention dissident organ transplant facility!

Central Potty say revisionist running dogs, paper tiger Liberals, Nationalists
and Capitalist roaders shall learn from barrel of Kim-Chee stink gun.
Reactionary running dogs will be corrected by forward-thinking proletarian veterinarians
for refusing red inoculation of revolutionary restaurant choice.
No tickee no laundry.   GONG HEE FAT CHOY.   You think I pay you stand around?
Wrong-thinking regressive false circus-elephants of so-called Capitalist show
will admit to their crimes before big pot of vinegar/chili/oyster sauce with ginger and five-spice.

Central committee will steam your buns
and froag all reactionary tendency.

The Capitalist roader does not answer.

He will regret his restaurant choice.
We are aware of his tricks.

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