Miss Anthropology


Margaret Mead was full of it:

Boas’ unconstricted student

Half-baked matron lost at sea

Nurturing unnatural views

South-sea natives yanked her chain

Giggling maidens told her lies

On her bookish South-Sea cruise

Trying to flee her own neurosis

Frumpy methodology

Interjected Western bias

Greening grasses far from home

Theorizing Love, unfree

(Maslow’s tawdry pyramid scheme

Fitting tomb for wrong assumptions)

Titillating dull patricians

High on sexy kava-kava

Margaret Mead was full of it.



What a shame of what Margret Mead wrote about My Samoa… The truth always come to light. She wrote all jokes that women of the Village told her… She came from America with that way of living that alway make compliment to others and she thought that Samoa are like that… Oh please, trust me, the family she staying in Manua was love to make funny so that she can right it down… They love funny stuff and something to make them laugh, like jokes. You took it seriously. No!… Samoa are not work like that… Samoa love jokes call FALEAITU!… It tell us Samoan that she didn’t do any research, she was listen to all the women of the Village…  Just like what she did, she listen to all the lies and she wrote it down, But its not true… We believe that Manua people respect her by taking care of her… but for her story, we are real Samoan, we respect our sisters or girls of the Village… Our custom, we don’t married girls of the same village right from the start of Samoa till now… No, Its not true… Thanks for teaching lies in anthropologies… Shame on your research.  

(relevant YouTube commentary by T. Jr. Misikau)

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