(Hu/Wo)manifesto: Curate Volatility

Poetry meets itself at intersections, under red lights. Chinese fire-drills must end, and outmoded automotive textual structures are subsequently parked and abandoned. Multiplicities of internalized intersectionality reveal/disguise territorialities of diversified desire. Poetry exposes these stratigraphies while simultaneously subverting them. Marginalized hinterlands of de-commodified becoming must yield eventually to the demands of intentionally-curated collective creative endeavor, whether the curators and curatees recognize it or not. Poetics cannot and will not languish indefinitely in an unempowered and unempowering patriarchal masquerade. The textual role of poetry is to transplant the vital organs of patriarchy into woke readers so they can reject them and thereby become organless texts themselves.

All intersectionality is poetic.
I don’t know what intersectional even means but I don’t care (clown-face).