Patriarchal Limerick


Those radical change-agents Femen

Set the men-folk to hawin’ and hemin’.

When the girls bared their best,

All the boys were impressed.

(Keep abreast of the movement, you womyn).


My response to today’s ridiculous NaPoWriMo prompt.
The smirk of that Vietnamese poetess really triggered me.
I can’t STAND the type of drivel she writes, so help me God.

2 comments on “Patriarchal Limerick

  1. Now here’s one for the herstory books! I am glad I am not the only one the poetry that came with the prompt did nothing for…sometimes I doubt my sanity. (I particularly like how women would have rhymed more closely than womyn — a linguistic atrocity start to finish — and how this really foregrounds the main (dare I say) thrust of the poem).

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    • Chado says:

      Herstory is right! I realize now that those terms like “womyn” and “herstory” sound dated already Even the antics of Femen are now relegated to the past. Many in the US probably never heard of them. Seriously, some of the prompts are so annoying. That Hoa Nguyen really got to me.

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