Schneider Pt II

In today’s bastardized tongue a “Conservative” can claim that title even though he/she wants to peer into people’s bedrooms & women’s bodies. A “Libertarian” can claim it part of his/her creed that corporations can run roughshod over the environment & the populace’s health—for poor corporations need to have liberty just like individuals— in fact MORE liberty than individuals. And a “Liberal”, today, can say with a straight face, that it’s fine & even constitutional to censor books, games & ideas if it offends someone for ANY reason— especially if it “Harms Children!”— the ultimate skirt for cowards to hide behind. For “Liberals”, especially, the NEED to tell truths (a noble pursuit— to “Liberals”) trumps the WANT to entertain (a frivolous waste). So few poets today— of any stripe— enjoy “foolin’ with words” (as Bill Moyers might grin)— they must SAY something; oblivious to the fact that all words & phrases have meanings, & by occasionally letting wordplay guide one, you get ideas anew, & sometimes a better way to express the original idea desired. But to that ilk joy, knowledge, & such discovery become gauche— how dare you contemplate or luxuriate when there’s so much suffering!

( how DARE you ! )

Poetic Sanity within the Asylum: CosmoDan

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