Q: Quorum

Q has infiltrated the infiltrators.
Uniting US
in conspiracy.
I know, because Q told me I needed to know.
You are Q.
Because Q is no one
and no one is everywhere.
Q is the code AND the decryption algorithm.
You believe Q ? So what.
The DEMONS believe Q . . .
and they tremble.
Blood and fire await those
who spurn Q’s boundless mercy.

Q has so subtly crept into your consciousness
that YOU, foolish one, think Q is a groundless conspiracy theory,
thus validating and acknowledging Q’s presence
in your inner sanctum.

Q knows who you are and where you live before you lived there.

Q shall do exceedingly and abundantly beyond all that Q can conceive.

Prepare to take up arms for Q (apocalyptically).
Clean your weapons and load extra magazines (metaphorically).
Sharpen your combat knives and prepare to strike (symbolically).
Hide the explosive charges and set the timers (allegorically).
Slay all who oppose Q
and fill the midnight graves
with their twitching corpses (emblematically).
Cleanse the nation of all corruption (spiritually).

We await Q’s dictates
unto death and beyond.

(Q taught Q‘s mother-in-law EVERYTHING she knows.)



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