Judge Not my Limericks

Ruthie Ginsburg is gone, and we’re glad.
Trump has found her replacement to add.
Let us look on and cheer!
The appointment is here
And progressives now drive themselves mad.

From the ACLU to the Court,
Ruth promoted the right to abort.
You may claim she was God’s
but she seemed, by all odds
more a midwife of murderous tort.

Say hello. Ginsburg’s honor is spent.
A new judge now begins her ascent .
Ruthie’s star has gone dead.
A black robe . . . or a red?
(Only Jesus can say where she went.)


Amy’s IN ! (and appointed to judge.)
Rabid Liberal: curse not, nor begrudge.
Are you feeling resigned?
Your own team failed to find
Any dirt; not a stain nor a smudge.

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