Soli Deo Gloria

Did anyone suffer in the year 1570? Most probably they did. Would they, or anyone suffering in any year, including 2020, be more likely to be consoled and exalted by the first piece of music or the second? Were their lives improved by people tending to listen to the first kind of music or the second? Why is Pachelbel’s Canon in D chosen as wedding music far more frequently than “F___ tha Police”?

I believe there is a transcendent convergence of Truth, Good, and Beauty in the Mind of God. The manuscripts of Johann Sebastian Bach were usually signed SDG, which stands for Soli Deo Gloria – to God alone the glory. This is not merely an expression of humility. It is also an acknowledgement that all reality is dependent on God alone, and that our best work in science, art, or morals merely reveals some of the workings of God’s Infinite Mind.

Beauty as an expression of meaning: Surakvulcan

There is much wisdom at Surakblog. Go check it out.

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