Noor Means Light

The Globalists’ machine and its tentacles: Mainstream Media, Big Tech, institutions, thought and world leaders, are all coordinating this wicked deception to make the world believe the fake narrative that Joe Biden is president-elect of the United States.

He is not. [ . . . ] Those gloating or cowardly accepting this fake Biden victory demonstrate either astounding ignorance, or how gladly they are willing to abandon the integrity of the election process – not to mention those scheming to subvert it so blatantly in the first place.

While we are fully wise to their unabashed power grab, the zone flooding by all the cogs in the Globalists’ apparatus is wildly demoralizing for those who aren’t. Most cannot grasp the lengths to which those seeking control are willing to go, despite the evidence. The result, in effect, is a widespread and intense cognitive dissonance difficult to bear for most of the population.

Noor Bin Ladin


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