Meditation upon “Annunciation” by Mati Klarwein, 1961

Saharan angels chant their song of abundance before a Cainite altar where the enigmatic artist laughs a jibaro-hippie laugh / Red conga-anima rides the rhythm / signalling to the drowsing Queen of the South lost in a vision at the wall of Jerusalem / she must lift her gaze to heaven / turn from her vanity and behold the celestial sign / Aleph-Alpha the cipher of Messiah / the egg breaks open: flowering zygote of conception / blood of the pomegranate, granada / blood of the goat flayed on the altar of mammon / terraces of chilies exuding fire in the crystalline torpor of a Mexican fishing village / hear the clear salt water at the foot of the stairs / hear the music’s underwater depths / hear the syncopated overcoding of this annunciation / the lilies rise, shoshannim / Shushan the citadel / nomadic deserts of the outer horizon threaten the opulent decadence of the jeweled elephant-headed idol of the world / Orpheus looks back emerging from the portal stairs into the burning light of the living / BEHOLD: Eurydice one last time in perfection and it all vanishes



PROMPT # 22: write a poem that engages with another art form […]
a wonderful painting, film, or piece of music you’ve experienced –
so long as it uses the poem to express something about another form of art.

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