To the Core


Echoing footsteps, near Port Authority:
One bad decision enhanced by beer
Recalling the mishap in anteriority:
I needed a healthier dose of fear.

Clueless young wallet, easy prey
I bit at the apple of urban bait
I was her golden goose to waylay
All because Amtrak departed late.

What if the door had been locked in that hall?
What if the lady had used a knife?
I wish I could blame it on alcohol . . .
Thank God I escaped with my life.




write a poem about your own road not taken –
about a choice of yours and what might have happened 


7 comments on “To the Core

  1. L. Stevens says:

    Yikes… I’m not sure life is complete without a close call in New York City!

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  2. Shuku says:

    Ahh, Amtrak and being late. Still hasn’t changed. Glad it was a close call, and not something closer than close in the end.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Xan says:

    When you have a near miss like that, I guess the only thing left is to address it with this sort of wry humor. Very nicely done.

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