Help, These Limericks Can’t Breathe!

St George, the Dragon

There once was a pill-popping martyr
Whose death was left subject to barter
His demise was demeaning;
The rioters scheming
To loot in his name: a non-starter.

The deceased, at the time of his death
Contained fentanyl traces, and meth.
Yes, his death was unjust.
Raise a fist, if you must…
But the court has now judged his last breath.

When the truth finally hits, it hits big.
While condemning the chauvinist pig,
Do not fall for that line
That St. George was divine;
More a drug-addled player, you dig?

You’re so stupid you think it’s sincere :
Urban violence designed to spread fear.
It’s a crisis they use
When they win, we all lose;
Civil chaos. The methods are clear.

Angry rent-a-mobs, looting and burning,
Destroy other’s livelihoods, earning
A good rioter’s wage
For destruction and rage
(As the locals, too late, are now learning).


Kyle Rittenhouse: Reaction

Grosskreutz chased him, intending to harm.
Kyle Rittenhouse sounded alarm;
Then surrounded by danger,
Engaged with that stranger
Who needed a shot in the arm.

Joey Rosenbaum handled it well,
Though he’s no longer present to tell;
And his threat: Shoot me nigger !
Elicits a snigger
From demons and devils in hell.

The third idiot, Huber by name,
Used his skateboard to bludgeon. For shame!
Mr. Rittenhouse shot—
And that skater-dude got
A delicious hot slice of the same.

3 comments on “Help, These Limericks Can’t Breathe!

  1. There is a clash between the expectation raised by the form — light hearted, fun, maybe a little naughty — and the actual content. I think it works quite well. It’s, to me personally, an uncomfortable mix (which is a good thing), and as a result those breathless limericks are really sticking with me (which is an excellent thing).Interesting mix of form and content, which I think is quite impactful.

    Liked by 1 person

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