Dopamine Euphoria

O Ye minions of loyal connectees I must share my internet joy with you.
All day my stats languished at 1 (one) view. But after posting the Scandinavian splendor of Lin Berggren’s facial physiognomy, my view count rose—no, ASCENDED to three views.

Glory hallelujah. 

Nothing like a stunning Swedish singer to AMP those stats. 

Yeah, baby. Sverige etc, etc.

2 comments on “Dopamine Euphoria

  1. Sufficient Movement

    Can we say that said face hath launched ships
    upon ill-fated Greek-Trojan trips?
    I’m afraid we cannot.
    Do I care? Not a lot.
    At the mere sight my Irish soul flips.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Chado says:

      Can I ace it and not become base?
      It gets hard not to look at that face…
      Such a pretty young Viking
      is much to my liking
      And makes my humanity race.


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