Marilyn WHO ?

I started watching videos about trashed rock stars last night.

It made me think about how awful it must be for Brian below to transform into a thickset has-been with a receding hairline and addiction issues. Being a professional rebel and shocking the bourgeoisie with moral transgression gets old. And so do we.

Marilyn Son of Man

Loons in the vineyard—sound the alarm !
Satan is milking his metaphors.
Such silly music portends no harm;
call home the cows and open your doors.

Brian Hugh Warner, a paleface freak
after finding his mom’s mascara
darker enlightenment did seek
and crowned himself with Baal’s tiara.

Scary drag-queen, scandalous, vain
Marilyn, the creepy thespian
rolled that fish-eye and snorted cocaine
like Crowley…  how pedestrian.

Flashing his glowing cataract,
he gave the mommies quite a fright.
Censorship launched; no badder act
did sail (or assail) our sinking night.

Gothic dim-wits purchased CD’s
bought the goods, pierced parts, wore black.
(Cause for certain parents’ unease:
MTV’s Antichrist on the attack).

Son of Man—or rather, Manson
Milked to the max his demonic cow;
playing Satan’s naughty grandson
showing the flustered milk-maids how.

Urban legend surrounds this fowl
(those ribs removed like Adam’s sin!)
Is he a misunderstood night owl—
or a has-been loon in a loony bin?

Rock-stars age (well, most) like a cheap wine.
or else in the way once-ripened grapes
withering, sun-struck, off the vine
transform, with age, into wizened shapes.

No—I am wrong. They age like prunes;
plums thus pass into their glory.
Even Luciferian loons
find lakes of fire at end of story.


2 comments on “Marilyn WHO ?

  1. L.K. Latham says:

    I hadn’t thought of Marilyn in ages. Looks a lot like the guys from KISS. Nobody told these guys that much make up was bad for the skin.

    Liked by 1 person

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