More Doom

Michael Wigglesworth (1631—1705)
Resurrection of the Dead.


Before his Throne a Trump is blown,
proclaiming th’ Day of Doom;
Forthwith he cries, “Ye Dead arise
and unto Judgment come.“
No sooner said, but ’tis obey’d;
Sepulchers open’d are;
Dead bodies all rise at his call,
and’s mighty Power declare.


Both Sea and Land at his command,
their Dead at once surrender;
The Fire and Air constrainéd are
also their dead to tender.
The mighty Word of this great Lord
links Body and Soul together,
Both of the Just and the unjust,
to part no more for ever.

The living changed


The same translates from Mortal states
to Immortality,
All that survive and be alive,
in th’ twinkling of an eye;
That so they may abide for aye,
to endless weal or woe:
Both the Renate and Reprobate
are made to die no moe.

All brought to Judgment


His wingéd Hosts fly through all coasts,
together gathering
Both good and bad, both Quick and Dead,
and all to Judgment bring.
Out of their holes those creeping Moles,
that hid themselves for fear,
By force they take, and quickly make
before the Judge appear.

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