Satan’s Paws & Jaws: Doom

Michael Wigglesworth (1631—1705)

“All this,” quoth he, “may granted be,
and your case little better’d,
Who still remain under a chain
and many irons fetter’d.
You that the dead have quickened,
and rescu’d from the grave.
Yourselves were dead, yet ne’er needéd
a Christ your souls to save.


“You that could preach, and others teach
what way to life doth lead,
Why were you slack to find that track
and in that way to tread?
How could you bear to see or hear
of others freed at last
From Satan’s paws, whilst in his jaws
yourselves were held more fast?


“Who though you knew Repentance true,
and Faith is my great Name,
The only mean to quit you clean,
from punishment and blame,
Yet took no pain true Faith to gain,
such as might not deceive,
Nor would repent with true intent,
your evil deeds to leave.


“His Master’s will how to fulfil
the servant that well knew,
Yet left undone his duty known,
more plagues to him are due.
You against light perverted right;
wherefore it shall be now
For Sidon and for Sodom’s Land
more easy than for you.“

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