They are answered: Doom

Michael Wigglesworth (1631—1705)


But all too late; grief’s out of date,
when Life is at an end.
The glorious King thus answering,
all to his voice attend:
“God gracious is,” quoth he; “like his,
no mercy can be found:
His Equity and Clemency
to sinners do abound,

Mercy now shines forth in the vessels of Mercy.


“As may appear by those that here
are plac’d at my right hand,
Whose stripes I bore, and clear’d the score,
that they might quitted stand.
For surely none but God alone,
whose Grace transcends men’s thought.
For such as those that were his foes
like wonders would have wrought.

Did also wait upon such as abused it.


“And none but he such lenity
and patience would have shown
To you so long, who did him wrong,
and pull’d his Judgment down.
How long a space, stiff-neck’d race,
did patience you afford?
How oft did love you gently move,
to turn unto the Lord?

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