Hyper-Calvinistic Doom

Michael Wigglesworth (1631—1705)
Reprobate Infants plead for themselves.


Then to the Bar all they drew near
Who died in infancy,
And never had or good or bad
effected pers’nally;
But from the womb unto the tomb
were straightway carriéd,
(Or at the least ere they transgress’d)
who thus began to plead:


“If for our own transgressi-on,
or disobedience.
We here did stand at thy left hand,
just were the Recompense;
But Adam’s guilt our souls hath spilt,
his fault is charg’d upon us;
And that alone hath overthrown
and utterly undone us.


“Not we, but he ate of the Tree,
whose fruit was interdicted;
Yet on us all of his sad Fall
the punishment’s inflicted.
How could we sin that had not been,
or how is his sin our,
Without consent, which to prevent
we never had the pow’r?


“O great Creator why was our Nature
depravéd and forlorn?
Why so defil’d, and made so vil’d,
whilst we were yet unborn?
If it be just, and needs we must
transgressors reckon’d be.
Thy Mercy, Lord, to us afford,
which sinners hath set free.


“Behold we see Adam set free,
and sav’d from his trespass,
Whose sinful Fall hath split us all,
and brought us to this pass.
Canst thou deny us once to try,
or Grace to us to tender,
When he finds grace before thy face,
who was the chief offender?“


Graphic from https://www.fugly.com/

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