You Sinners Are

Michael Wigglesworth (1631—1705)
The free gift.


“I may deny you once to try,
or Grace to you to tender.
Though he finds Grace before my face
who was the chief offender;
Else should my Grace cease to be Grace,
for it would not be free,
If to release whom I should please
I have no liberty.


“If upon one what’s due to none.
I frankly shall bestow,
And on the rest shall not think best
compassion’s skirt to throw,
Whom injure I? will you envy
and grudge at others’ weal?
Or me accuse, who do refuse
yourselves to help and heal ?


“Am I alone of what’s my own,
no Master or no Lord?
And if I am, how can you claim
what I to some afford?
Will you demand Grace at my hand,
and challenge what is mine?
Will you teach me whom to set free,
and thus my Grace confine?


“You sinners are, and such a share
as sinners, may expect;
Such you shall have, for I do save
none but mine own Elect.
Yet to compare your sin with their
who liv’d a longer time,
I do confess yours is much less,
though every sin’s a crime.

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