They Wail and Cry: Doom

Michael Wigglesworth (1631—1705)


Thus shall they lie and wail and cry,
tormented and tormenting;
Their galléd hearts with poison’d darts,
but now too late repenting.
There let them dwell in th’ Flames of Hell:
there leave we them to burn,
And back again unto the men
whom Christ acquits, return.

The Saints rejoice to see the Judgment executed upon the Wicked World.


The Saints behold with courage bold
and thankful wonderment,
To see all those that were their foes
thus sent to punishment.
Then do they sing unto their King
a Song of endless Praise;
They praise his Name and do proclaim
that just are all his ways.

They ascend with Christ into Heaven triumphing.


Thus with great joy and melody
to Heav’n they all ascend,
Him there to praise with sweetest lays,
and Hymns that never end;
Where with long rest they shall be blest,
and naught shall them annoy,
Where they shall see as seen they be,
and whom they love enjoy.

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