Let Brands Go On

A strong blonde
Strange blond O,
Long-boned star;
Norse gal on BDT
Strangled boon.
England’s robot
Bore St. Ann gold.
(London gets bra!)
R-angled Boston?
Strong A/O blend,
A bong-stoned RL
Lost grand bone
Dragon B stolen;
(Dragon Ben lost)
No BT gland rose.
Nose (or BT gland)
Nor to be glands
Beg. Last noon Dr.
Gonads, bro. . . Lent.
Blood rages. TNN.
Best gonad rol’n
Negro loads NTB;
Stole grand nob,
Got ngrs on blade.
Strong leo band?
Leon got brands.
Stolen dog bran!
No globe strand
Orgone land bst
Abort son legnd;
Ron’s gonad belt:
Boner and T-logs.
Ron, let’s ban God!
(No L.D. Regan-bots:
Lord gets no ban.)
Last goner, Don B.
Staged non-bro L
L Groaned: Not BS
Steal goon bndr,
Set grand loon B:
Grade B loons, TN
(No one’s LGBT rad:
Be gone, old trans !)
God’s banner lot
Non-blots raged. . .
Good bats lern’n.
Non-brats: lo GED
Lots o’ danger, N.B.

L E T’ S   GO   B R A N D O N !


Semi-coherent word collage
based on finite choices
with infinite possibilities
Each one should have the same 13 letters used.


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