Textual Intercourse


NOT-so-great RESET/WOKE back to sleep/GAIN of FUNCTION/BUILD BLACK BETTER/ILLEGITIMATE White House/ SCORE SOCIAL CREDIT/B.F. Skinner was full of SHIT/SPIKE PROTEIN/get BOOSTED every 4 months/wear your UNDERWEAR on your HEAD if CDC says so/because Dr. Fauci because Jen PSAKI/have a nice Antichrist


8 comments on “Textual Intercourse

  1. jilldomschot says:

    You should take this to the spoken word poetry circuit. It’s kind of a neat art form with plenty of politics, but they would probably all faint at your politics.

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  2. jilldomschot says:

    I find slam poetry intriguing because its art is partly oration. I have to admit, though, the politics can get a bit thick. And like you, I prefer my poetry to be printed.

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  3. jilldomschot says:

    Wow, see I’m impressed. Amazing oration!


  4. Anonymous says:

    I wish it were ME ha ha ha.
    I merely stumbled upon a brilliant YouTube🤩


  5. This piece slams plenty of people. It practically hits them with a chair!


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