Earthly Good

Jesus answered and said to him,
Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again,
he cannot see the kingdom of God.

Be born again. It’s not too late
Until your corpse is locked away.
The mourners all will lie for you,
but God shall have the final say.

His message does not please the mind,
Much less the pride of  arrogant men;
And women share the guilt. It’s true;
We’re in this all together, then . . .

Therefore one must obey the Lord.
We live each day upon the brink—
The soul is dead since Eden’s fall
And hell is closer than you think.

Reincarnation is a lie.
Those good intentions seal your fate.
I’m sorry Mr. BJP,
You too, must enter at Christ’s gate.

No Abrahamic new age gods
Have power to lead the world to life.
Vague revelations in a cave
Have only furthered violent strife.

Therefore be born-again. It’s late.
Earth’s bar is closing; drink or leave.
It’s not my idea nor your choice:
Heed heaven’s command: with faith, BELIEVE.


PROMPT #19: write a poem that starts with a command 


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