America’s Gift


Overweight in backward hats,
Challenging the stupid stats,
Waddling their selves around,
Reggaetón and rap resound.

Clouds of marijuana smoke
Titillate their womenfolk:
Pouting tattooed baby-mamas
Bulging out of loose pajamas.

Welcome to modernity:
Unpromising maternity…
Our services prolong this scene—
Forget whatever might have been…


write a poem in which you muse on the gifts you received at birth — whether they are actual presents, like a teddy bear, or talents – like a good singing voice – or circumstances – like a kind older brother, as well as a “curse” you’ve lived with (your grandmother’s insistence on giving you a new and completely creepy porcelain doll for every birthday, a bad singing voice, etc.). I hope you find this to be an inspiring avenue for poetic and self-exploration.


3 comments on “America’s Gift

  1. Tell me this is just the caricature we in Europe have!

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