Typical Amurcan Movie 1979-1998

mid-morning shot of lawns in suburbia/something about baseball or football or summer camp/bumbling fool in pleated khakis with mediocre-length hair/unforeseen encounter with blonde in commercial zone[PRODUCT PLACEMENT] familiar boomer-rock or soul music lulls the viewer/neurotic feminized white father loses it over middleclass trivialities/funny overweight guy befriends main character[PRODUCT PLACEMENT] assertive mom obsessed with hokey career too emotionally repressed to nurture her kids/sassy alterna-child presented as wiser than its parents listens to new “edgy” rock-rap/stereotypical Latinos shown eating spicy food and being passionate and colorful/token religious figure prays superficially[PRODUCT PLACEMENT] noble black mentor capable of guiding the primitive unspiritual Caucasians/working-class single mom abused by her trashy boyfriend[PRODUCT PLACEMENT] neurotic dad realizes how good he has it/rebel alterna-kid admits it loves its parents/cringey dance scene to another familiar boomer-era pop song[PRODUCT PLACEMENT] reference to Hollyweird-style New-age Judaism-psychic-pop-mysticism-chaos-theory/sophisticate girlfriend mentions her abortion/enter dangerous crackpot gun-toting extremist citing Bible verses[PRODUCT PLACEMENT] someone befriends gentle new Asian neighbors/constant references to brand-name pop culture during bar scene/funny overweight friend offers main character homely wisdom[PRODUCT PLACEMENT] emo-rock theme with super-bass boost plays while credits roll

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