Fat-ass Ignorance parks her brand new SUV next to Sociopathy, who barely raises a hooded reptilian eyelid as he sells seven Fentanyl tablets to Diversity under a narcotic cloud of monotonous insistent bass beats. Equity is quarreling with Under-representation over Authenticity in fake Wokeness, bellowing and flexing tattooed muscles as the Walmart security staff jiggle their immense wheezing obesity to the scene of the escalating drama. Onlookers are quickly gathering up all the Ukrainian color posters from the parking-posts as they disperse, grabbing as many free samples of THC-infused Delta-8 gummies as they can from the abandoned sales-promotion table on their way out. Uncouth plebeian tremors are undulating over the entire trash-strewn parking lot as filthy seagulls take wing, squawking.

Shut UP shit ain’t LIKE THAT! shouts Urban Degeneration at her baby-daddy who spits cannabis-cola all over her threaded beaded extensions. He drops their child, Criminalisha, still strapped into her carrier, onto the pavement and lunges at Urban D.

I’ma hafta fuck you UP now, bitch, murmurs Poochie tha Kontrolla (aforementioned baby-daddy) and proceeds to tie her hair extensions to the handle of her SUV. He bites her hand until she drops the keys, which he grabs and then he jumps into the driver’s seat. The engine roars.

Meanwhile, in the gathered crowd of onlookers,  Miss Cultural-appropriation berates an old man for wearing a rice-paddy shade hat on a cloudy day when he only .05 percent Asiatic. The Walmart security staff have mistakenly sat upon and handcuffed one of their own who screams for his meds and therapy canine. As police sirens are heard approaching, America Corpulenta rolls her fat bloodshot eyes and launches her immense rolls of adipose tissue into orbit towards the international space-station.
My interstellar-ass rocket gone KICK you punk-ass lil’ space station you racist-ass bigot, she yells  to no one in particular . . .

And America, although no one there realized it, was indeed GREAT.

2 comments on “Mêlée

  1. voodooville says:

    The problem with America is that they believed themselves to be a nation of laws. Now every aspect of life is governed by laws written without consideration of context, of tolerance and respect for people’s inherent judgement and wisdom.
    Drugs, obesity, and mental illness are a result of too many laws, and intrusion into peoples lives.
    A kid cannot set up a lemonade stand, and sell a few cups of lemonade.
    Just the IRS tax laws and regulations run into between 4 to 10 million words (depending on what source you believe).
    Americans need not worry, countries like India and China are catching up, making up rules, and taxes for each and everything, and putting a surveillance infrastructure to trap regular people, small and medium businesses. Only the well connected, big, multi-national, agenda driven businesses are free to operate.

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