Intellectually Challenged People


(…) now times have changed. The quaint theology of Paul is simply outdated for today. We have evolved to a much more sophisticated understanding of Jesus. All this talk of  Jesus’ virgin birth, his perfect life, his miracles, his prophecies, hIs death and resurrection which for nearly two thousand years served an ignorant, uncivilized world of intellectually challenged people has worn thin and it just doesn’t fly anymore in our sophisticated, secular world. And while we should, therefore, reject the old theology of Paul that we find in his New Testament writings, we can certainly embrace the spirit of Jesus and all He stood for back then. He can inspire us to sacrifice and noble living today.

Al Baker: Forget None of His Benefits

2 comments on “Intellectually Challenged People

  1. voodooville says:

    Yes, life is a miracle, resurrection or virgin birth are only slightly more miraculous than regular birth.


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