Choosing a Wife by a Pipe of Tobacco

Tube, I love thee as my life;

By thee I mean to choose a wife.

Tube, thy color let me find,

In her skin, and in her mind.

Let her have a shape as fine;

Let her breath be sweet as thine;

Let her, when her lips I kiss,

Burn like thee, to give me bliss;

Let her, in some smoke or other,

All my failings kindly smother.

Often when my thoughts are low,

Send them where they ought to go;

When to study I incline,

Let her aid be such as thine;

Such as thine the charming power

In the vacant social hour.

Let her live to give delight,

Ever warm and ever bright;

Let her deeds, whene’er she dies,

Mount as incense to the skies.

Pipe and Pouch

Author Unknown


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